How to Prevent Hair Static


I wanted to do a quick post on how to prevent hair static because the past week I have had some major issues with this. Hair static is not only really annoying but can also be frustrating when you have spent time styling your hair to perfection only to have it cling to your face and stick out on end!

To help prevent hair static, follow these hairstyling tips;

  • Moisturize! Use a deep conditioner to help fight off static
  • Water based products will work better at preventing static so opt for these over petroleum based hair styling products.
  • Fabric Softener sheets can help when you are out and have nothing else on hand. Keep a sheet in your purse and run it over your hair to help rid of static.
  • Before using your hair iron or hair dryer apply a heat protectant or thermal styling aid that contains a moisutrizing ingredient such as Vitamin E.
  • Use a flat iron or hair dryer which emits negative ions as these can help prevent static in hair.
  • After styling hair use a finishing spray or hair spray to help hold hair in place and prevent static.
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