How To Choose a Curling Iron

So, you know you want curls but you aren’t sure how to choose a curling iron? No worries, here is what you need to know.

A curling iron is must have for any woman as not only can it create beautiful curls but you can also create waves with a curling iron.  Weather your hair is straight, wavy or curly, a curling iron is a great hair tool to have to help create different hairstyles for all occasions.

1. Size Matters – Remember, the bigger the barrel on the curling iron, the bigger the curls. A 1 inch curling iron will give you ringlets where as a 2.5 inch will give you large, loose curls.

2. Choose Your Features- Look for features such as negative ions and tourmaline for less frizz and healthier locks. A ceramic curling iron is also a much better choice over a plain metal as ceramic barrels will create smoother curls and safer styling.

3. Heat selection – Not only do you need a curling iron to get hot enough to hold a curl, but having a choice in how high or how low you can set the temperature on your curling iron is a must have to avoid hair damage on fine, thin or damaged hair.

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